Monthly Archives: June 2017

Another Worthy Cause

Brass Band aid champions many causes. Wherever there is need, we stand ready to help. We have fundraisers for the public so they can participate in our support, we offer things for sale, and we take donations. It is a rewarding enterprise like similar organizations that reach out wherever they here the call. Anyone with a similar bent can join in as a donor or volunteer. If nothing else, you can simply pass the word.

Most of us hear right away when there is a disaster that strikes the innocent. It can be a terrible hurricane or storm, a fire out of control that destroys homes, or an earthquake of major proportions. The first thing we think about is “how can I help.” It is comforting to know that people are standing by with aid. Of course, the government responds, but there are many ways, large and small, that others can make the situation more bearable.

Recently, we had an immediate on-the-spot charity event to provide supplies to a nearby location hit by a bad weather system which left residents without power. We needed to act on a timely basis. We rallied the neighborhood with door-to-door appeals, flyers, and a newspaper notice. We succeeded in raising funds to buy LED flashlights from Flashlight Pro. You would think that most people have a least one, but it is not so. People are most often not prepared for a power outage. It catches them by surprise and they are left literally in the dark. They can light candles at best. If they have food in the refrigerator, it will rot. If their kids are scared, then so be it. Don’t you wish that everyone could afford a back-up generator? But the least we can do is handout flashlights. A good LED model will at least provide enough long-term light to get through the first days of the power outage. Usually, by then it goes back on.

Sometimes food and other supplies are needed in a crisis situation, so this is but one of many small examples of our work. We help organize the purchase and distribution of non-perishable goods and also water in the event that local resources are lax on the job. We can get there first. If a disaster strikes a faraway area, we have our regional volunteers on call or we can donate money to local organizations that we know can help.

What do you do to help others in need? It is time to evaluate where you stand. Let this blog remind you that there are always crisis situations that demand public help. We need to be prepared ahead of time, not after the fact. Then we can be of most assistance. At the very least, form a neighborhood watch that can take action in the event of something like a power outage. No one should be left stranded at home. Each and every one of us can have a role in active disaster response. Then you can expand your horizons and help larger organizations support their causes.