Monthly Archives: May 2015

Lacking Healthy Nutrition

While we ponder what to have for dinner – steak or chicken – much of the world is going hungry, many of them young children. It is heartbreaking. They are crying out for help. The faces you see in the ads are real and the suffering portrayed is significant. Those lacking healthy nutrition need a voice, and we are here for them as advocates. Reading this blog should be the start of your new mental journey of awareness. Thank you for joining us.

Raising recognition of world hunger is our purpose and we have a quest to reach more people in more places. We want to iterate the problem that we all know exists and to fund programs to remedy it. Health is of utmost concern in the third world. The rest of us worry about our physical fitness, undertaking personal regimes with trainers who design customized exercises or investing heavily in the best home gym systems to help us feel better about eating too much. This is a luxury of the affluent indeed.

Hunger is so widespread as to almost be impossible to cure, but we have made inroads and we will make more. With the help of the public, good nutrition can be made available to the poor countries or areas within them. It can be in the east or west. Even in the United States there are pockets of despair. We can no longer afford to bury our necks in the sand. We need to get them out and looking around.

The areas of concern are too numerous to itemize, but you should know the primary ones. Africa is hard hit with hunger. It is a populous continent that takes millions of sacks of relief food to address the lack of nutrition. What humanitarian organizations provide is so basic and includes potable water. It is not always a well-rounded meal with protein and fresh fare. Whenever you feel a bit off about what you are eating—such as leftovers—think about the waste you accept as an ordinary fact of life. Who hasn’t had a parent say, “eat your dinner, there are poor children in India.”

Sponsoring a child is a wonderful thing and is now open for your consideration. You can provide a meal a day for a small monthly sum. Helping the hungry is our duty and responsibility no matter your age, profession, religion, or financial assets. We can all help by drinking one less soda or chewing one less pack of gum. It is a blessing to participate in any program such as World Vision. You will reap many personal rewards. Improving the conditions that lead to poverty is also a vast realm for volunteer workers and funding. Anything we can do is vital. Much research on root causes is needed and energy deployed to make a dent in world hunger. New methods of growing crops can help. It is not always that there is food shortage, but it is often the fact that people can’t afford it. In the long run, eradicating poverty and hunger go hand in hand.