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Brass Instruments: Are You a Fan Unaware?

If you think you’re not a fan of the brass band sounds, you might want to think again.  I too was surprised to found out that I was a big fan…I was just unaware of the fact.

I never knew that some of my favorite bands consisted of brass instrumentals.  I have always loved the group “Chicago”.  I like anything by them, new or old.  The music just moves me and always has.  I mean with song like “Colour My World”, “Just You and Me” and “Saturday in the Park”, who could not loose themselves in the heart-felt sounds?  Chicago uses the saxophone, trumpet and trombone for its unique pieces and although I guess I knew there was brass in the band, I really never gave it much thought.

“The Rolling Stones” have always been the best classic rock band ever, in my eyes.  They used lots of brass instruments like the saxophone and other ones too.  I had no clue of that back in the day I jammed to their music.

“Blood, Sweat and Tears” was another classic rock band that featured brass.  Their unique sound came to be known as jazz-rock.  “No Sweat” was one of my favorite albums and it had a lot of horn in it.  I had just never realized that.  Did you know that the Beatles’ song “Penny Lane” had a trumpet solo in it?  Well, neither did I until recently.

“Urgent” by Foreigner came around later as did many brass sounds in more recent music such as alternative rock, country and even Christian music.  Phil Driscoll is my favorite Christian singer ever.  The trumpet in his songs and solos are simply heavenly.

“Radiohead” is another group that has brass in its tunes.  “The Dave Mathews Band combines guitar and the brass for a very different and unique sound like in the song “”Squirm” that features the trumpet.  The group “Cake” plays a tune entitled “Short Skirt and A Long Jacket” has trumpet too.

And don’t forget the one-of-a-kind sounds of the funky rock band, the “Red Hot Chili Peppers”.   They have a lot of brass in their songs like “Taste the Pain” and “Pretty Little Ditty”.

There are, of course, the unequalled sounds of the Big Bands that were once so wildly popular.  Swing was huge in the 20’s and is making a big come back now too.  Then there are the jazz sounds like you will hear in New Orleans.  The tunes will sweep you away to another time and place

Brass is often front and center and you will know that you are listening to it.  Then, there are times that you, like myself, will be surprised to learn that it is a subtle part of the background, complimenting other parts of the band.

You just never know when brass might just be part of the songs that you know and love.  Once you discover just how many times this is so, you might find yourself seeking out brass like I have recently begun to do.  I was a fan, unaware and now have come face to face with it and a passion has begun.