Charitable Contributions: Taking It to the Next Level

Have you ever had a good cause that burned in your heart like a raging wild fire?  I have.  Recently I really got to thinking about world hunger and it was a thought I couldn’t get out of my mind.  I cannot imagine the feeling of being hungry with no way to get food.  How horrible the thought!  The passion to help set a fire in my heart.  I had to do something to help.

I am not a wealthy person so what I could actually donate was limited.  I gave what I could but knew that ware but a drop in the bucket.  I had to do more.

That is when I begin to get creative.  I used my imagination to come up with the ways and means to come up with funds that I could donate to the cause.

First, I found an organization of which I would make the contribution.  It had to be one I trusted so I researched all and found that World Vision was a Christian group with a great track record.  With that having been accomplished, I began to collect ideas of things I could do.

One fun idea was a raffle.  I first collected a list of businesses that might donate something to my cause.  I called restaurants and asked them to contribute a gift certificate of their choosing.  Some gave away a dinner, others opted for an entrée or discount.

I called other places too like retailers and service providers.  I came up with oil change coupons, entertainment vouchers and lots of other great gifts.

The wonderful thing about this project is that it was a win-win deal.  I would get items to raffle off and the businesses would have a tax deduction for donating to a non-profit cause.

After I had accumulated a nice collection of things to raffle, I sold tickets to it.  I called businesses and organizations and individuals as well.  I got tons of people to purchase one or more tickets.

I held the actual raffle at a local park.  The weather was nice so it was a great turn out.  I did make it to where the winners did not have to be present to win so some were there and some were not.  It was a huge success and I was able to make a nice donation to World Vision.

Another fund raiser for world hunger that I put together was a bake sale.  Some close friends and I made up some goodies like cookies, breads and cakes.  We got permission to set up outside a large retail chain and proceeded to sell our delicacies.  Again, the sale went extremely well and another nice contribution was given.

There are lots and lots of ways that you can help in a capacity you probably never dreamed possible.  You can sponsor a local talent show and use the money from ticket sales for your donation or order a bulk of a product like flowers, candy or gift wrap paper and sell them door-to-door, online or set up at a physical location.  There are even fund raising kits you can order.

Remember to offer those who donate a tax-deductible receipt as an incentive and give them as many details about the cause you are supporting too.  Alone, we are limited but, with a little imagination and a good bit of determination, your heart can go a long, long way.