Help the Hungry

There is no manner in which a well-fed person can understand starvation. Us lucky ones are more concerned about things like the best scale for weight loss. There is no way on earth a healthy adult can understand a child with insufficient nutrition. The world is riddled with a plague that is ignored by those so affluent that they cannot bear a pang of guilt, and so they turn away. Perhaps they don’t deserve reproach for their unwillingness to confront reality; but it would be an earthshattering turn of events if they did.

There is enough wealth in the world to feed every hungry soul on every continent. It is a hopeful thought indeed. If we could just find a way to call upon each and every citizen of the world to do their part to fight hunger, we could resolve it indefinitely. We can coordinate delivery efforts and find the resources. We just need the funds—not one time, but regularly and with consistency.

Those who enjoy three hot meals a day do not know deprivation. They cannot fathom pangs of hunger that turn into aches so deep that it makes one faint. What do they know of starvation? World Vision can show them how to understand it and how to destroy it. It can call attention to what makes people turn away in fear. They are afraid of the consequences of their inability to take action. They are afraid of the truth.

It only takes a small donation to World Vision from millions to have an impact. If you think that you are only one among a multitude and that there is nothing you can do, then you are wrong. There is a balance that is off kilter in the world today. Imagine a giant set of scales with one side the third world and the other the “haves.” The weight is tipped in one direction. It is as if a million heavy stones, each representing a hungry child, is in one giant bucket. If slowly but surely we can remove even one a day, in no time the balance will return to normal.

The discrepancy between those who can eat at will and those who cannot is unimaginable; hence people simply do not think about it. But it must be brought to the surface and given a spotlight focus. Think of this blog today as an appeal to your humanity and conscience. Think of it as a first call to awaken you to a reality that you can actually affect. It is the responsibility of those who are not in need to assist those who are. Why not become a role model in your community and help lead the way.

The situation will not take care of itself. It will persist. It will not allow itself to become smothered by ignorance. It will rear its ugly head and shake its angry fist in your face. Don’t become inured to television ads with starving youthful faces and say to yourself that someone cares and will help. You, my friend, are the target. There is no one else.