Blowing the Horn on Ebola

Brass Band Aid is an organization that supports World Vision

Ebola is bad news.  The deadly virus is sweeping through West Africa, killing many. The current death toll stands at over 2,500 and is rising each and every day.  Somebody should do something to stop it!

Now we all can help.  A Christian humanitarian organization called World Vision is working on the problem right now.  They are supplying medical gloves and other sanitary medical supplies so the virus won’t be as likely to spread.  They are also donating food and water too.  In addition, they are on a mission to educate the public about Ebola, both in the affected nations and worldwide.

So what does that have to do with you?  Yeah, I wondered the same thing.  Turns out, it’s actually really cool how it all works.

Brass Band Aid is an organization that supports World Vision.  I couldn’t believe that donating could be so painless and pleasurable, actually.  All I had to do was to purchase a ticket to the concert event and I had contributed to the cause.  Plus, I got to hear a fantastically awesome concert too.

Have you ever been to a brass band concert?  I hadn’t.  I must admit, I was leery to go.  I’m not sure what I really expected.

I figured it would be loud and boisterous and most likely something only a brass enthusiast would enjoy.  I had half thought of just skipping out on the concert.  I had done my part to purchase it so what did it matter?   But, I knew I could leave at any time and had nothing better to do so I went ahead and attended.

Wow!  Was I ever surprised!  I have always been a stringed instrument kind of gal myself.  I hadn’t paid too much attention to the sounds of brass until I was front row and center before them.

Talk about good vibrations!  The sounds of the brass is unlike anything I had ever heard.  It was a powerful and moving experience.  The fine mix of the tuba, trumpet, horn and all the other glorious brass made for a heavenly noise.  Most of the concert was really upbeat and fast which was a real treat.

Concert tickets, sales from CDs and donations from the bands themselves all make up funding that goes to World Vision to blow the horn on Ebola.  Not only that, World Vision does much more than Ebola projects.  They work in near 100 countries in such areas as disaster relief, feeding the hungry, providing medical supplies, donation of safe drinkable water and public education.  They are making a huge difference in so many areas of concern worldwide.

I am really happy that I attended the brass band concert.  It has opened up a new passion for me.  I have since gotten very into the brass sounds and am even thinking of learning to play one myself.

You can easily find concerts and events that are working in conjunction with World Vision.  Take it from me, do not just purchase a ticket and miss the show.  You will love the sounds and knowing that your attendance is a win-win all the way around.  Trust me, if you’re like me, you’ll be absolutely blown away.